The simplicity and beauty of a special place


The roots of our rural civilization live within the walls of Masseria Pezza. It beats the ancient wisdom of this distant strip of land. Only the skill of our craftsmen has produced the furniture you admire. Everything is simple. Everything is sober. Everything has the breath of history. You see it? Everything respects the full light of the landscape that surrounds you.



Open the windows as soon as you enter: changing, bright, colorful, blue, sunny, our views are the most beautiful paintings that adorn your suite.
Now, let the sink water run and notice its shape: it is the ancient stone pile, where our industrious housewives perfumed the laundry with soap and lavender.

Eighteenth-century structure


We wanted to preserve the essence of our Masseria, an eighteenth-century structure, and protect with simplicity the indissoluble bond to the surrounding area, seductive and austere at the same time. Masseria Pezza is a special place for us. Our wish for your stay is that it becomes one for you too.